How to Recover Deleted Ads in Facebook

Want to know how to recover deleted ads in Facebook? You are at a right place. Dive in and learn some useful strategies.

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Facebook has emerged as a powerhouse platform for businesses to connect with their target audience. Advertising on Facebook can yield remarkable results, but how to recover deleted ads in Facebook that was driving significant engagement and conversions?

The sinking feeling in your stomach is understandable, but fret not! In this guide, we’ll unravel the mystery of recovering deleted ads on Facebook, walking you through the steps to reclaim those valuable campaigns. Whether it was a momentary lapse or a case of mistaken deletion, we will discuss how to recover deleted ads in Facebook and save you from potential losses and keep your marketing efforts on track.

The Importance of Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s advertising platform has become an integral part of modern marketing strategies due to its vast user base and precise targeting options. Businesses can create highly tailored advertisements that reach specific demographics, making it an efficient way to promote products or services. However, managing a multitude of campaigns can lead to accidental deletions or changes, potentially causing frustration and panic.

  • Steps to Recover Deleted Ads

If you’ve accidentally deleted an ad campaign on Facebook, don’t worry – there’s a chance you can restore it. Follow these steps to potentially recover your deleted ads:

  • Access Facebook Ads Manager: Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager account. This is where you manage all your ad campaigns and track their performance.
  • Navigate to Delivery: Once you’re in the Ads Manager, click on the search bar. When the pop-up opens, select “delivery”
  • Look for “Deleted” Campaigns: from the delivery section, you can select the campaign delivery, ad set campaign or ad delivery to proceed with the results to show you the deleted ads.
  • Select the Deleted Campaign: When you select “deleted” in the next pop-up, Click on the deleted campaign you want to recover. This will open a detailed view of the campaign, including its ad sets and ads.
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Recover the Deleted Ads

Once you locate the deleted ad campaign, now is time how to recover deleted ads on Facebook. You can easily duplicate it by following the simple steps. But you have to know that duplicating the ad will only restore the content of the campaign. Not the engagement and metrics that were associated with it.

You can easily duplicate ad campaigns quickly by using Ctril+D or you can duplicate the ad within the original campaign. To do this, select the ad and find the “Duplicate” in the toolbar while selecting your ad. If you don’t find it you can press Ctril+Shift+D.

After selecting it, you will observe a pop, that will ask you to select the campaign. Here, you can choose the “original campaign”

Now click on the Duplicate and your campaign content will be restored again. But you need to

Another way you could revert deleted ads on Facebook

If you previously used a Facebook post as your ad, you can recover deleted ads along with their engagement. But this time, you can use filers to view your deleted ads. Choose the desired option, then click “preview” at the top of the toolbar to undo the changes made.

Once you click on the “preview”, a small window will apea and from here, you can find the “Facebook post with commands”, click on it. It will open u a page where you can see your post.

You can copy the last number you see after posts on the URL address bar. This is post you can use again to promote nce again.

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Now you need t create a new campaign, like you always do. Click on the “create” on the campaign page and start over the process of creating campiagn that you normally do. However, this time you will choose the tab “use existing campaign” ad make sure “use existing ad set” is checked under the ad set settings.

Click on the continue and select the ad. Under the Ad identity and Ad name, now search for the “Ad setup”or “Ad creative”. Before moving along, make sure “use existing post” is selected in Ad setup. Now proceed to “select post” so you can enter your post ID into the field.

Once you find post by the ID, choose it and click on publish and you’e good to go.

Accidentally deleting a well-performing Facebook ad can be a frustrating setback, but it’s important to remember that solutions are often within reach. With the steps outlined about how to recover deleted ads in Facebook possess the knowledge to navigate Facebook’s ad recovery process with confidence.

In Facebook advertising, perseverance and insights are key. Despite setbacks, remember recovery is possible. Equip yourself with knowledge for success.



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