How to Turn Off Discover People on Instagram?

How to Turn Off Discover People on Instagram? How to Turn Off Discover People on Instagram? Want to know how to turn off discover people on Instagram? You are at the right place! Dive in to learn about the steps to follow.

Are you looking at how to turn off Discover people on Instagram? Then you are at the right place. Instagram is one of the most used Social media apps through which you can build connections with people worldwide.

You can also find people under the Instagram Discover People feature. Under this feature, you can see other people you might know and send connection requests.

This feature helps find a connection, but some people don’t like it and need to learn how to get rid of Discover people on Instagram.

In this blog, we will discuss what people discover on Instagram and how to turn off Discover People on Instagram in just a few simple steps.

What do they discover people on an Instagram feature do?

Exploring people on Instagram facilitates connections with friends and individuals you wish to follow. This remarkable functionality provides recommendations for potential accounts to follow, drawing from your interests and various other factors. Consequently, users can delve into diverse content from other users and enhance their network within the platform.

The Discover People section on Instagram typically includes recommendations like:

  • Suggested for You: Instagram offers accounts it believes you might be interested in following. These suggestions are based on your existing interactions, hashtags you’ve used, and accounts you follow.
  • Popular Accounts: This section may show you popular and trending accounts on the platform that get users a lot of engagement and attention.
  • Contacts: Instagram has the capability to scan your phone’s contacts, thus offering suggestions for accounts that align with those contacts. This feature proves valuable in effortlessly discovering friends or acquaintances already present on the platform.
  • Facebook Friends: If you have connected your Instagram account to Facebook, you might see suggestions based on your Facebook friends who are also on Instagram.
  • Recommended for You:This section has the capability to showcase accounts akin to those you presently follow. This functionality relies on the platform’s algorithms and your personal interests.
  • Explore Tags: You can also explore content by clicking on hashtags that interest you. This can lead you to posts and accounts related to those hashtags.
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How to turn off discover people on Instagram

 Turning off the Discover people on Instagram is simple and easy. Here is a step-by-step guide for you.

Step-1: Open your Instagram account

Step-2: Tap on the profile option n the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step-3: Tap on the user icon on the right side of the screen.

Step -4: Discover people will now disappear from your profile. Re-tap the icon to make it appear again.

Note: If you relaunch the app and log in, Discover People might be on itself. You need to

turn it off again.

How to remove people from suggestion

If you don’t want to know how to turn off Discover people on Instagram but want to remove some people, follow these simple steps.

Step -1: Login to your Instagram account.

Step-2: Tap on the bottom right corner of your profile.

Step-3: Tap on the see all option

Step-4: Tap the “X” option on the people’s profile you want to remove.

How to prevent your profile from being suggested to others

If you want to avoid your profile being suggested, here is a simple step to prevent your profile from being presented to others.

This works only on the Instagram web.

1: Open on your web

2: Log in to your profile.

3: Tap on the profile picture icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

4: Under the settings, tap on the edit profile.

5: Uncheck the box next to the option of similar account suggestions.

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6: Simply tap on the Submit.

Turning off the “Discover People” option on Instagram might give you more control over your interactions and the information you engage with on the platform. Follow the steps below to learn how to turn off Instagram’s discover people feature. This step allows you to curate your Instagram feed based on your preferences and interests, ensuring that your interactions are more consistent with your existing network and intended online experience.



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